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This 12'x24' Mahogany Cabin is stylish and practical with taupe trim. It is a great building for a small hunting cabin, a cozy crafting space, or a kid's play house. With Prairie Built Barns the possibilities are endless.

Features include:
Taupe Metal Roof

92" Walls

16" OC Wall Studs

2 Vents

2"x6" Floor Joists
9-Lite Door
3-2'x3' Windows
4' Front Porch

Wood Railings

5/4" Wood Porch Decking

Made in Indiana with Mennonite Craftsmanship. Built with LP smart siding. 6-year front to back warranty. Free delivery and setup within 50 miles. Payment options available: 90 days same as cash, 36/48 month rent-to-own payment plans

12'x24' Cabin

$7,912.65 Regular Price
$7,121.39Sale Price
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